SEPTEMBER 5, 2017: Ocean ambassador George Cummings adopts Biri Bud!


Coral Reef Restoration
Our Mission

To improve the health of Biri's marine ecosystem, with particular attention to areas of coral reef damaged by dynamite fishing;

To promote fishing methods that are sustainable for target species while having minimal impact on non-target species and the environment, so that the inhabitants of Biri Island can benefit from stocks of target species in perpetuity;

To raise incomes of fishermen, while at the same time developing alternative livelihood opportunities;

To create new educational opportunities;

To promote empowerment of women and enable them to achieve their rightful status in the community, helping them to live a resourceful life and contribute fully to the family unit;

To breathe new life into the local infrastructure, economy, and medical and educational facilities, by undertaking new construction projects and creating jobs.

A word from Biri Initiative founder Richard Ewen

"Our environment is a fragile balance of land and oceans, and what lies beneath the surface of our oceans counts more than people could conceivably know. Unfortunately not everyone, everywhere, is aware of this. This is the time of education, the time to fight to live, not only to exist!"


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September 5, 2017: Ocean Ambassador George Cummings Adopts Biri Bud
Biri Initiative press release

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